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The Speed Gamers

2011-12-18 14:29:27 by Honchtar

Hey guys, help out the SpeedGamers raise $15000 for charity in their 72 hour Legend of Zelda marathon!!

New YT Channel!

2011-12-04 19:18:31 by Honchtar

Hey guys, Honchtar again. Check out my new Youtube channel N?feature=mhee
Oh yeah, i'm still alive too.

I Am Alive vol 1

2011-09-05 19:20:20 by Honchtar

Hey guys on Newgrounds! Just saying that i'm alive and, warning! I will be doing frequent "I am alive" posts.

First day.

2011-08-14 18:08:37 by Honchtar

Hey guys! My first day on NG! During my time on this site, I will mostly be doing flash reviews and I might upload random stuff too.

Saving my @$$

2011-08-13 17:56:03 by Honchtar

Oh yes, my current picture is from Mega Man 10 and the copyrights to that go to Capcom.


2011-08-13 17:46:01 by Honchtar

I have just joined, I have been a fan for years but never really got around to signing up.
So hi everybody! *Hi Dr.Nick!*